Dealing with politics on a broad spectrum, including governmental stuff
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One of my more memorable moments during Sex 2.0 was Saturday at lunch with @Cunningminx, @Graydancer, and @TalkingFigLeaf. The discussion danced around the topic of politics.  There were some off comments made about Ann Coulter, after which one of the people patted my arm reassuringly.


Why did they do this, you may ask?  I'm very open and upfront about being "right of center" politically.  My views are such that I could be labeled either a moderate Republican or Libertarian (closer to the latter). The assumption was that I either liked Ann Coulter or was a fan of her views.


You know how each subgroup has those people that you wish didn't get to talk in public? That's how I feel about Ann Coulter and the other wingnuts.  Not all conservatives think in such extremes.  What do they believe and think? I'll run through the basics of conservative logic.