Posted on March 5, 2009

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Thanks for visiting!

I wanted to write a quick blurb and give you guys a heads up on what’s going on in my world ( you didn’t think this blog was going to be all about “how to ____ “, did ya? :p)

Using my mad skills in coding and graphic design…

I’m in the process of learning the ins and out’s of redesigning WordPress themes. This is for 3 reasons:

  • I want to customize the look and feel of this site to make it “prettier”
  • I am planning out two additional websites: one is geared towards poly teens (ages 13-18), and the other for poly kids (ages 5-12). I want to get the layout of the site done and get some preliminary content ready before I launch both sites.
  • I eventually want to freelance as a web designer for members of the poly community.


A poly friendly web designer? Why?

In Cunning Minx’s keynote speech that she gave at the Poly Living Conference on the east coast, she made a call out for us to generate a “poly pop culture”. I am guessing that there’s a lot of aspiring poly writers, bloggers, and pod/vidcasters. 

When it comes to building a website – part of what draws the crowd is the content. The other important component is appearance. Let’s face it. We’re biased on looks.  If a website looks crappy, we’re not as likely to stay and look to see what’s on it. This is one of the reasons I re-designed the Twin Cities Polyamory Discussion Group website years ago. Prior to my changes, it was magenta/fuschia type with a black background.  O.o.

The new layout for this site will hopefully be done by this weekend.  (It’s done.)  I have a cool new header image (it’s a stock photo – please don’t hurt me!).  I’m keeping the post/sidebar graphics simple, and I’m trying to find a way to juice up the footer portion.  The only thing I’m concerned about is the cross-browser compatibility.  I’m coding by hand, and I know it looks decent on Internet Explorer 7 (again… please don’t hurt me!), but I don’t know how the new version will look on Firefox (which is what most of you use, according to my web stat program).

With that being said, once I get my own sites done, I will be making a call out for those that are interested in my web design services (for setting up a site using WordPress with custom graphics/skins/plug-in integration).  At that time, I will also set my prices (since I am providing something of value, and I feel my time is valuable, I am comfortable with charging for said time/service).


Poly Conference woes

As you can see by the lack of a countdown timer for the Chicago Poly Con, it was cancelled due to a lack of registration.

I’m a little disheartened by this. I was looking forward to connecting with other polyfolk, and hopefully finding others that are like me (similar age, interest, life goals, etc.).   I’m also finding myself drawn towards activism and helping to bring about an increased awareness that “normal” poly people exist – a calling that I currently don’t have an outlet for fulfillment.

Loving More is hosting a conference on the West Coast the weekend after Memorial Day. I did the math. Between registration ($220), airfare (~$350), and hotel (~$220 after taxes), I am looking at spending close to $800 just to hang out in San Francisco that weekend – and that doesn’t count food and tourism. Holy crap. Granted, I would’ve spent $400 on the Chicago conference if that went through, but $800 is a lot of money.  Corey’s still in the “why the f*ck would I want to go to a poly conference” phase, but if I was able to convince him to attend, that would boost the cost up to almost $1,400.

The website for the Loving More conference hinted that there may be fee discounts for those that do volunteer work. I’m waiting to hear back from my inquiry email on that.


Read-a-thon and write-a-thon

The other reason I have not been as prolific in writing is that I’m doing a lot of reading. Part of my reading is research for my articles (I know how to build an organization, I just don’t know if 100% of what I’ve done is right).  I spent Tuesday night doing research on organization decision making methods and research styles.  The next article is 50% complete, and it’s already at 500 words. O.o

Part of it is also from my own goal to read constructive stuff during the week to educate myself and re-ignite my thirst for knowledge.  I told my manager at work that this is a personal goal of mine and she’s holding me to it. :-p

Over the past two weeks I’ve read Outliers by Malcom Gladwell and In Defense of Food, an Eater’s Manifestoby Michael Pollan. I still have The Tipping Point and An Omnivore’s Dillema on my proverbial plate. I’m halfway done with reading Opening Upby Tristan Taormino, though I don’t know whether or not I want to share that with my manager just yet. ;-)  


Upcoming vidcast

This Sunday I am going to record my first video cast, an hopefully have it up on YouTube (and published here) on Sunday evening. The vidcast will be an introduction to who I am, so that everyone can see the face and voice behind this site.

I think that’s it for now! Peace and love!

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