Today is my last day as a Council member for MNPoly. I'm still helping with their website, but I will no longer have to "lead" the group. I have a couple of huge poly activism projects on my plate that have caused me to focus more on a national level than on a local, social level.
To give you guys an idea of what I'm talking about on being busy, here's what my convention calendar looks like:

For those of you that are visiting my site after a long break, you're probably wondering what happened to purple background with green florals (and me in the knit kitty hat)... or the beastly design that I tried for a month.  They're both gone and I went to this clean design. I also have a hawt logo :)
I transitioned from WordPress to Drupal for site design. I like Drupal's modular approach for piecing together sections of a site. I also like not having to mess with the code when I want to change the layout :)

One of my friends and fellow organizer for the Modern Poly project, Mai Li, has worked her tail off to produce a song + music video.  She did this on a super tight budget plus an even tighter deadline. Read more »
I wanted to take a moment to give everyone a heads up on the coolness that happened during the "Get Stuff Done" Conference that I held online last weekend. Sadly, I wasn't able to do lessons on both days as I originally planned.  I was called away on business and had to fly out on Sunday afternoon, leaving only Saturday for classes.  Here's the lessons that I presented: Leadership 101 (How to Fake Being A Well-Rounded Person):  The attendees learned the importance of self-knowle
Alan with Polyamory in the Media already chimed in on this, but I also want to get the word out through my own reader circles. Newsweek posted an online article about polyamory, highlighting Teresa Greenan and the "Family" web series.  Last I checked, there's close to 180 comments on the article.