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For those that kept track via. the countdown timer I keep on my site, as well as my Twitter feed, Dale was in town for the majority of last week (6 days and 5 nights). This was the first time that he, Corey, and I were together for an extended period of time where live action role playing games were not the reason behind us being within close proximity of each other. My goal for the prolonged stay (beyond having lots of yummy quality time with my boyfriend) was to see how well we could get along if we were living under the same roof.  Granted, we didn't have to deal with the extra details like living expenses, but enough stress points came up that the experiment still felt real.

I am going to fast forward through the 5 years and some-odd months between when Chapter 1 ends and where this begins.  It's not that said time frame is unimportant; I learned a lot of valuable life lessons during that period.  I am, however, trying to find ways to explain my experiences while being mindful of the potential /drama that it could bring upon others. Dale has previously consented to me openly discussing our relationship online. There were times where he even prodded me because I wasn't talking about him enough.   Here's an ego-stroke to you, darling!  :-p. (FYI: He knows I wrote this - he reviewed & proofread it)
[caption id="attachment_28" align="alignright" width="250" caption="By Sanja Gjenero @ stock.XCHNG"]By Sanja Gjenero @ stock.XCHNG[/caption] The easiest way to describe how I found out about polyamory is that I stumbled upon it through trial and error. Like most people of my generation, I was raised in a monogamous household.  My parents are committed and loyal to each other (30 years married as of last October - woo!), and they strived to raise us 4 kids to be loving and caring individuals.  They also taught us to be able to think independently and to carve our own paths in life.