Polyamory in the Media - big time! Article in Newsweek online

Alan with Polyamory in the Media already chimed in on this, but I also want to get the word out through my own reader circles. Newsweek posted an online article about polyamory, highlighting Teresa Greenan and the "Family" web series.  Last I checked, there's close to 180 comments on the article. Some good, some interesting. I'll admit, I was a little critical of this series when it first started. I was concerned about the campy humor that poked fun at poly sterotypes. As the series progressed, the plot becomes more serious and realistic. In case you are one of the people that stumbled upon my site by searching for Terisa Greenan on Google or saw my comment on the Newsweek article - hi! :)  If you have questions about poly, check out the other posts on my site. I also recommend checking out the site for MNPoly (the group I help lead).

Review of “Family” (3 Dog Pictures) | Young Metro Poly (not verified) wrote:

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 23:30 Comment #: 1

[...] 7/29/2009: After Newsweek published their online article about polyamory (I talk about it more here), I checked out the remainder of the episodes that have been published to-date. They’ve [...]


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