My busy life - current projects and upcoming convention calendar

Projects come and projects go

Today is my last day as a Council member for MNPoly. I'm still helping with their website, but I will no longer have to "lead" the group. I have a couple of huge poly activism projects on my plate that have caused me to focus more on a national level than on a local, social level.
To give you guys an idea of what I'm talking about on being busy, here's what my convention calendar looks like:

For 2010:

Into 2011...

  • February 2-5: Creating Change Conference in Minneapolis, MN(anyone want to help coordinate a polyamory awareness party?)
  • February 18-21: Poly Living East  in Philadelphia, PA
  • March 25-27: Poly Family Weekend in Atlanta, GA
  • April 1-3: Momentum in Washington D.C. (Sexuality + Relationships + Feminism + Social Media)
  • June 30-July 3: CONvergence - This year's theme is looking at the future through the past. Heinlein and polyamory may be an interesting panel topic.

In addition to going to conferences, I have my tech/visionary stuff for Modern Poly and Shake the Movement (finally moving from "backburner" status this month)
... plus work and relationships and social time and self-care, etc.
Egads, I'm busy!


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