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Happy New Years (a little late)

Just because I've been quiet doesn't mean nothing's happened.

So you're probably wondering ... "why the silence?"

I had some ideas on stuff to write on, but current events at the time shifted things from "this is an uber-cool thing to write about!" to "Shit. If I write about that, it'll sound tacky and targetting".  By the time that the potential dramaz died down, I had lost interest in writing and was engrossed in a kazillion other projects.

I got busy. My summary of my latest accomplishments and current projects will sound like a disjointed ramble. However, accomplishing those tasks was a fairly organized process. I'm thankful that Emma helps me keep track of my various ideas.

I re-themed the main Modern Poly e-zine, and added a bunch of cool stuff to the polyamory group registry

I created a website for the Polyamory Leadership Network and streamlined the membership process.

I'm also reading through several books on Drupal programming, website design (the appearance side), and website functionality so that future revisions don't suck. The community site is next on my "to-do" list (assuming that we don't get donations for a freelancer).

I've also read a lot of business books. My co-workers and colleagues bring up things that they've recently read, and I download/buy the book within a day or two.

I joined a gym in mid-November and went consistently until a work conference last week. Once I kick this cold I'll be going back to my 3 lunch workouts + 4 weeknight workouts + 1 weekend workout regimen again.  I really want to get in shape and run a 5k this spring.   I also want to be able to fit in my size 12's again. The "freshman 15" that I gained at work has left me between a size 14 and a 16. :(

I'm still involved in organized live-action role-playing games, both on the playing side as well as on the admin side.  I'm withholding a slightly edgy rant there.

Did I mention needing more shelves for my collection of books? :p

I'm a sub-head for Volunteers for CONvergence this year. When there wasn't a polyamory party room to help with last year, I got involved with volunteering. I did such a god job that I was asked to be a part of the leadership side.   Something about spending time as a sub-head making it easier for me to become a co-head later on... What's with leadership opportunities falling into my lap?

I'm also the web-mistress, volunteer go-fer, and one of the speakers at Atlanta Poly Weekend, a new polyamory conference where the "how to's" of polyamory aren't going to be the highlight of the event. I'm pretty excited at some of the activism + organizer + leadership content that's going to be presented (some of which will be announced shortly).

Last but not least on the active'ism side (until I remember more of the stuff I'm doing) - I'm also presenting at a panel at Momentum, a conference about the intersections between feminism, sexuality, relationships, and new media. I'm finding my niche in the public speaking arena as being one that talks about tech+social organizing, rather than talking about lifestyle stuff.

As for what keeps me sane (the personal stuff)

I bought myself a new laptop computer. My 3-year old Compaq was finally dying. I went to the store and said I wanted something that was good with graphic design, software testing, and (semi-sheepishly) gaming. I now have a beefed up stealth bomber of a laptop computer. Three words for techies: Intel Core i7.   I'm using the computer to play my old games that I couldn't play before (like Sims 3 and Spore), as well as to keep up to date with World of Warcraft (which has become my new date night activity with Corey).

I won't speak for Corey on this topic (his personal stuff, his right to talk about it), but I've been sticking close to home on the relationship front. It's been about 5 months since D moved to South Korea for a teaching job.  The 14-hour time-zone difference means I don't get to talk to him much - and he and I weren't big into online chatting to begin with! Even though I"m open to do so, I haven't had the time or energy to pursue other relationships (which I'm totally ok with). 

That's about it on the current events.

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