A call to my community - maymay needs your help

Seeking help for a fellow activist and organizer

Despite it being after midnight on the night before a work day (Monday even!)  I wanted to take a few minutes to get the word out on current events that have impacted a fellow activist.
I met maymay earlier this year at Sex 2.0.  Unfortunately, I missed the session he presented on participatory community organizing as well as the media-whoring discussion panel. (I'm looking forward to meeting him next month at the upcoming Poly Leadership Network summit in Seattle.
He and I share similar goals when it comes to our activist work: we build tools that make information and resources more accessible and help promote community involvement.  Two projects that he participates in are a weekly vidcast called Kink On Tap (co-hosted with Emma, who is also an awesome project consultant BTW) as well as the KinkForAll unconference.  His blog is filled with tons of awesome posts. If you do plan on checking out his site, I recommend blocking off some time for reading. His writings on various topics are very insightful and not meant to be digested rather than skimmed.
I found out last week on Twitter (later confirmed on his site) that maymay was mugged and his laptop was stolen.  As a fellow computer geek and (novice) site/software developer, I know how much a good computer for that type of work can cost.
He reached out to the community for help and has received a lot of positive response. In addition to individual donors, attendees from the GRUE in the Lou (a kink-oriented unconference that was held in St. Louis, MO this weekend) recognized maymay for his awesome work and raised funds to help him replace his stolen equipment.
I'm asking for my readers and fans for help.  I donated $20 towards helping a fellow activist.  I'm asking you, my readers, to help maymay in whatever way you're capable.   Thank you in advance for your support.


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