Posted on January 30, 2009

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By jnystrom @ stock.XCHNG

By jnystrom @ stock.XCHNG

I’m really excited. There’s a polyamory conference that’s close to me. Typically, these types of conferences are hosted either on the East or West Coast.

$150 is a decent sized chunk of change, but that is still relatively cheap as far as polyamory conferences go.  If you want the admission price for future conferences to go down – help these guys find sponsors! :-)

The convention is being held at the Holiday Inn Schaumburg-Rolling Meadows, which is offering rooms for $85 per night.

One of the benefits of the event being hosted in Chicago is that transportation to there is inexpensive. Lots of airports have cheap flights to Chicago due to it being a popular major city.  For those in my neck of the woods, there’s also the Megabus (think Greyhound, but a LOT cheaper). A round trip ticket from Minneapolis to Chicago costs ~ $30.   The same route passes through Madison, so for you Madison poly peeps that are reading this, you can have a round trip to Chicago for ~$20!

I am currently assessing my finances to see if I can afford to go.  The household budget is a little tight right now due to some bad math gone awry. I’m hoping that the tax returns will fix that.

Update (2/1): Taxes are done. Yay for me choosing to over-withhold. We are still assessing our financial situation to see if we can justify one or both of us going to the conference.  Assuming someone could pick us up from Union Station, it would be ~$400 for one of us and $600 for both of us to go.

Update (2/13): I have officially registered for the conference! I posted an ad on the event message board to find a ride (from Union Station or O’Hare airport – TBD),  as well as someone to share the hotel room with (I only need one of the two beds).

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