Last night I saw a fellow activist/organization published a blog post about polyamory vs. monogamy. I read through the first few paragraphs where they discussed the 3 D's that lead to relationships falling apart (distance, dysfunction, and desire).

This is where I admit not reading the second half of the article. I rushed through and assumed "Hey, they're going to talk about how polyamory can help with the desire part", gave the article my seal of approval, and sent it off to my friends via. Facebook.

The blog post came from an organization that supports "relationship choice", so it couldn't possibly involve monogamy-bashing, right?

That assumption = Egg + my face.

When faced with a situation that puts us on the defensive, we sometimes jump to the wrong conclusion.  Sometimes a "jealous" response is prompted by more than the other person's insecurities.  The reaction could be based in injury from a breach of trust.