Photo Art: Dark Fetish by Lady Pain (Marta Manso)

The original inspiration for this post was a topic brought up on the OWBN Hour of Power, a podcast that is created by some of the more vocal members of One World By Night. OWBN is an international live action role playing (LARP) organization. 

(At ~22:00 into the podcast)
Who here has at least seen or participated in one of the most awkward [despicable!] elements of LARPing in general – and that is the in-character sex scene?


In the weeks that followed, my friends and I discussed this topic of "in-character sex scenes" and the various related issues, specifically -

  • How do LARPing and sex mix? 
  • Is it possible for eroticism to be a part of a “mature audiences only” gaming experience in a setting that denies most types of physical gratification?
  • Why would gamers bend (or break, or deny) element of a fictional world in order to get it on with another person’s character?
  • Relationship boundaries for one's "fantasy life"

You get to enjoy the end result of my mental ponderings :)

So you're probably wondering ... "why the silence?"

I had some ideas on stuff to write on, but current events at the time shifted things from "this is an uber-cool thing to write about!" to "Shit. If I write about that, it'll sound tacky and targetting".  By the time that the potential dramaz died down, I had lost interest in writing and was engrossed in a kazillion other projects.