Hi everyone. Here's an update on where I'm at:

I spent the past few months helping my fellow activists from the Modern Poly crew on getting the 501(c)(4) paperwork completed, migrating our web presence to a new hosting provider, and upgrading our content management system to Drupal 7 (which meant access to mobile-friendly/responsive themes).  I also helped the Polyamory Leadership Network with building their web presence, which includes a bare-bones project management system that members can access after login. I also have a couple of other web projects that I'm involved with, some of which are volunteer-based, and some of which are paying gigs.

Plus I have my personal life stuff... which consists of a boyfriend, my husband, and my husband's awesome partners.

Hopefully this explains why I am finally getting around to working on this project, even though it is only 2 months away >.<

Last night I saw a fellow activist/organization published a blog post about polyamory vs. monogamy. I read through the first few paragraphs where they discussed the 3 D's that lead to relationships falling apart (distance, dysfunction, and desire).

This is where I admit not reading the second half of the article. I rushed through and assumed "Hey, they're going to talk about how polyamory can help with the desire part", gave the article my seal of approval, and sent it off to my friends via. Facebook.

The blog post came from an organization that supports "relationship choice", so it couldn't possibly involve monogamy-bashing, right?

That assumption = Egg + my face.

So you're probably wondering ... "why the silence?"

I had some ideas on stuff to write on, but current events at the time shifted things from "this is an uber-cool thing to write about!" to "Shit. If I write about that, it'll sound tacky and targetting".  By the time that the potential dramaz died down, I had lost interest in writing and was engrossed in a kazillion other projects.

We are less than a week away from the Poly Living Seattle Conference and PLN Summit.  Between what we've seen in the media and what's being discussed on various forums, polyamory and relationship choice are hot topics. Curious about where the trends are when it comes to the polyamory movement? I will share some of the highlights here over the next several days:

This is the first year in several that there won't be a polyamory booth at the Twin Cities Pride. Nor will there be a polyamory info/party room at CONvergence.

I am strangely okay with this.  Actually, I'm very overjoyed by this. It will be a vacation. A wake-up call. A clue-by-four. A chance for people to take a break and re-assess things.