Posted on July 18, 2009

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Thanks to Alan in Polyamory in the Media for this one:

TMJ4, a tv station in my old hometown of Milwaukee, WI, did a 3-minute feature on polyamory.  They also featured the poly group in the area, called Young Milwaukee Poly.

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Posted on May 24, 2009

Recently, Miss Polyamory interviewed Samatha Fraser, the author of the blog (and hopefully upcoming book): Not Your Mother’s Playground. You can listen to the interview podcast here.

Not Your Mother’s Playground is Samantha’s diary about open relationships. She writes about her personal experiences, both positive and challenging, and also shares her realizations about herself and open relating.

This site is an online resource that targets a modern audience while still being accepting and inclusive of others views and lifestyle choices:

This blog, and it’s accompanying book are not intended to be a bash on anyone who might identify a little more with a non-traditional view of the world. Certainly if you are in, or considering, an open relationship or customized fidelity, chances are your views are just a tad non-traditional to start with. This blog is for those of us who just might not list renaissance fares, clothing optional triad relationships, and LARPing as our favorite activities when filling in our Facebook profiles. This isn’t to say that this book is meant for a limited audience, more specifically it’s meant for a larger percentage of society than many other books on the same subject.

- Not Your Mother’s Playground: Introduction


Keeping in-line with what I’ve written over the past few weeks, here’s the links to NYMP’s own open relationship series: “What Can Make Open Relationships Great?”


Subscribe to her blog feed. Follow her on Twitter. Join her site’s discussion forum.

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Posted on May 11, 2009

This evening, Miss Polyamory interviewed me. We talked about my current relationship dynamic, my website, the group I’m involved in (MNPoly), and my various projects that I’m either working on currently (or are on the docket).

The mp3 for the interview can be found here.

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Posted on February 18, 2009

This is going to be a quick update.

I was checking out when the visual headline for this article caught my attention. The article was originally published on

Not only is this an article on polygamy (and polyamory), but it’s published from a woman’s perspective.  She explains how their current household dynamic was developed (both on the romantic front as well as the financial/living arrangement).  The author also shows the contrast between polyamorous cohabitation and the sensationalized media depiction of such (the series “Big Love”)

It’s possible to be polyamorous and normal? Who’da thunkit? ;p

Posted on February 16, 2009
silvurhuntress/Geeky Valkyrie on YouTube

silvurhuntress/Geeky Valkyrie on YouTube

A couple of years ago, a YouTube video was posted on the polyamory community on livejournal. The poster showed off their work and sought feedback.  I found it fascinating and awesome that someone was using online video as a means of spreading information about polyamory, and bookmarked the link.

Recently, I went back to check out the video, and found that there were several others, with promises of additional videos to come. I enjoyed what I viewed, and wanted to share this resource with you.


  • Video 1: Polyamory - This is an awesome video that outlines one example on how to form polyamorous relationships. It includes tips on communication, trust, and managing headspace (internal thoughts/feelings).
  • Video 2: Polyamory and Jealousy – silvurhuntress examines different types of jealousy and how she and her husband address the issue.  She also provides some good advice on how to communicate your feelings without having it sound accusing or being /drama fuel.  The second half of the video consists of an update on her life, plus her studies into ways to increase a woman’s sex drive. (Yes, even with multiple partners, us poly women sometimes have libido issues)
  • Video 3: Polyamory (update) – This was her 2007 year-end update.
  • Video 4: Polyamory: Your Questions Answered – I <3 the lip piercing, by the way ;)   This video is in response to a viewer’s questions on if it’s harder for men to find women that are open to polyamory versus the other way around.
  • Video 5: I’ll be sick for ren fair! Rar! & Poly Questions Answered – After the initial gushing over the Texas Renaissance Festival, silvurhuntress answers a viewer’s question on whether her husband and boyfriend are romantically involved.  She clarifies the difference between a triad and the letter-shaped romantic configurations (yes, she attempts to diagram these using her fingers)

I enjoy silvurhuntress’s videos for a couple of reasons. First, she is very candid and informal in addressing her audience, which gives her work a more approachable feel.  The videos are edited to include the bloopers (and add funny captions around them).  Second, she repeatedly states that her advice is one method of living poly (rather than the ‘one true way’), and she also indicates that polyamory is not for everyone. :)

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