About Jessica

My candid bio (aka "Who the f*ck am I?")

I have many facets to my personality and wear multiple hats on a daily basis.

I live in "white picket fence" suburbia. I have a full time job in corporate America. I enjoy pop music, designer clothes, reality tv (some of it, anyways), and keeping an eye out for the next big/cool kitchen gadget.  While my family swings to the left politically, I swing right of center.

However, there's a lot of ways where I'm not mainstream.  I'm a computer geek, and love to do web design/programming as a side thing. I'm also into gaming, especially first-person shooter games. I do live-action roleplaying games.  I occasionally dress in "guy" clothes and like to do guy'ish things (power tools!).  At times, I like to be the one in charge ;).

To summarize - I'm the "girl next door" with the curvy body and the sexy brain... oh - and a library that my friends envy. 

I spent years being "different". Now I just want to be me, and help other people like me find the resources they need to live fulfilling lives. I guess that's what people call "community organizing" nowadays :p.


My (somewhat) professional bio -

Jessica Karels is a writer, speaker, and activist that uses her knowledge from the business world to advocate relationship choice.  She identifies herself as a "mainstream" or "main street" polyamorist. In addition to being "young" (a Gen X / Gen Y cusp'er in her early 30's), she is also a suburbanite, and enthusiastic corporate sellout, mostly vanilla, spiritually agnostic, and politically right of center.

By day Jessica coaches salespeople about how to sell (a lot more difficult than it sounds!). During her non-work hours she balances her relationships, social time, education time, and helping polyamory organizations "get s*** done".

Jessica has an extensive background when it comes to leadership and organizing in the poly community at large. She was a council member (leader) for MNPoly since 2004. Her accomplishments include organizing the group's party room at CONvergence (which has since spun off into its own organization), fascilitating discussion groups, hosting town halls, and redesigining the group's website.  She is also the CTO of Modern Poly, a social media and publishing organizaition, as well as their webmaster.  Last but not least (for now), Jessica is a member of the Polyamory Leadership Network, an organization for polyamory leaders and organizers that want to collaborate on larger projects.

In addition to being a social organizer, Jessica is also a distinguished public speaker. Her experience ranges from panel discussions  to "Polyamory 101" classes and workshops about communication, leadership, and culture. She has recently received her Competent Communicator designation through Toastmasters and is working on her Advanced Speaker Bronze designation.

Her ultimate goal is to develop several productive "movers and shakers" within the polyamory community, make them into her minions, and shift her attention towards public speaking and workshops.

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Legal disclaimer: The views of this site are mine only (Jessica K.) and do not reflect the views or opinions of my employer or any organization that I'm involved with. Yes, this sounds corporate'y, but I have to say it in order to cover everyone's butts :p